Belden Johnson


Belden Johnson, MA, has trained as a primal and couples therapist, as well as in play therapy and family systems.  He is a licensed marriage, family therapist (California License MFT #12706) and still operates the Primal Center of Nevada City, along with The Center for Inner Visions and Inner Explorations with Yashi.

Belden received his AB from Harvard University, both an MA and an MFA from The Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa, and an MS in clinical counseling from California State University at Hayward.

He developed and has been leading the “Contacting Mother Earth” seminars for over 35 years.

He is also a writer.  You can order his novel, Fathers and Teachersabout a boy coming of age in America on  His latest book, Real Relationship and Co-creating Deeper Connections in Your Real Relationship, are likewise available at  Here are some links to a few of his other publications:

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